Calibration Service

Excel Test Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian calibration laboratory accredited under SAMM IEC/ISO17025 scheme and recognised by the international body ILAC-MRA. Calibration services that we provide include temperature calibration, calibration of relative humidity, calibration of solar pyranometers, calibration of weather sensors, and calibration of indoor air gas meters.

Excel Test Sdn Bhd also offers precise and reliable calibration and measurement services with full traceability to National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM) standards, which are equal to NIST, NPL, and NATA and meet IEC/ISO17025 requirements. We also offer on-site calibration, zero downtime, fast collect and deliver services, technical support, and advisory services for the convenience of our valued customers.

Excel Test Sdn Bhd is a certified Calibration Accredited Body (CAB) service provider approved by Standard Malaysia (SAMM), a Malaysian certification agency.

What is Calibration Service?
Calibration is the process of testing and comparing an instrument to a calibrated reference instrument with established traceability.

Traceability refers to the ability of a measurement result to be linked to stated references of either national or international standards via an unbroken chain of comparisons.
What is IEC/ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Service?
Accreditation to IEC/ISO 17025 demonstrates that a laboratory has an acceptable quality management system and the capacity and expertise to offer testing and calibration services.

IEC/ISO 17025 accredited calibrations is a calibration service that performs calibration as per accredited scopes and standard calibration methods and issues a calibration certificate with the accrediting body’s logo on the calibration certificate. A traceability statement is provided according to the standard requirement.
Why is calibration necessary?
Calibration is crucial because it guarantees consistent measuring standards and outcomes. Equipment that isn’t regularly calibrated runs the risk of drifting out of specification, making erroneous measurements that compromise product quality, safety, and the equipment’s lifespan.

The calibration goal is to reduce the uncertainty of the recorded measurements, giving confidence in the instrument’s accuracy and performance. To maintain confidence in the results, the instrument must be recalibrated regularly to control inaccuracies and guarantee it performs as intended.

According to GDP, GDPMD, GMP, ISO1514, HACCP, ISO22000, and other ISO standards and guidelines, instrument calibration should be performed at least once a year to have trust in the measurement monitored & recorded.
Why Excel Test Calibration Services?
Green Environment & Hazard Free
We constantly focus on using safe technologies for the environment and on maintaining a risk-free calibration laboratory and a working environment free of fire hazards and health risks.

As a result, we are Malaysia’s first and only calibration laboratory to use an ethanol-free low and ultra-low temperature calibration liquid bath. We are also Southeast Asia’s first laboratory to use such type of liquid bath. The calibration liquid we used has been proven environmentally safe and recyclable.
Peace of Mind Calibration Service
We are Malaysia’s first and only calibration laboratory that provides added value calibration services to our customers, allowing them to extend the life of their instruments by using our calibration service with peace of mind for the following year or more.

Because we provide our customers with various optional additional high-added-value services, such as free battery replacement, free on-loan instrument, extended warranty, trade-in to buy a new instrument, free training, and calibration reminder.

We are the only business in Malaysia to provide Product Care Assurance (PCA) for selected Temperature & Humidity meters and data loggers. Customers will receive free battery replacement, free on-loan instruments, and an extended warranty besides calibration service under the PCA programme.
High Precision & Reliability Calibration Service
We are committed to investing in high precision and dependable calibration instruments to ensure that our calibration service quality, reliability, and measurement uncertainty exceed industrial standards.

Apart from the National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM), we are the first and only calibration laboratory in Malaysia to use high precision and high-reliability Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (CMH) as a Relative Humidity reference standard.
20 years of experience & Industry Recognized
We have been in business for 20 years. We use our 20 years of expertise and know-how gained from our customers and collaborate with regulators, consultants, manufacturers, and industry experts to create the best innovative solutions and address customer challenges.
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